Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Summer Ombre Nails

Summer Ombre Nails. 

1- Using the ombre nail technique shown in the previous post, paint your nails similarly in orange and yellow, with a base coat of yellow nail polish.

2- Instead of using plain transparent nail polish, use a glittered transparent nail polish. Or if that's not available, then pour some dry color on it and then cover it with a top coat.

3- Then using a white nail art pen or thin brush dipped in white nail paint make pretty little flowers as shown above. 

4- With an emerald colored nail art pen or thin brush/ toothpick dipped in such a paint, make small dots in the center of each flower. Or you can also stick green rhinestone using transparent nail polish as glue. Top coat is optional.

Beautiful, floral, summery nails are done!

Nail Art Tutorial : Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails.

1- Apply a base coat of white nail polish.

2-  Using white, light blue and blur nail polishes, create lines on the sponge (nearly the length of your nails) as shown in the First picture. Try blending the colors on the sponge itself. Be quick, dont let all the paint get soaked in.

3- Press the sponge on your nails while doing it. If the nail paints on the sponge dry up, add some more of it. One nail will need 2-3 coatings of these. Repeat the process on all nails.
4- Once its done, the surface will look rugged. So fir the final touch, apply a generous coat of transparent nail polish, and let it dry.

You can of course try different colors.


Nail Art Tutorial : Santa Claus Nails

Santa Claus is coming to town!

I did this last year during Christmas. May be you could try it this year. ;)

1- Paint the bottom half of your nails in red.

2- Give a transparent nail paint coat after that and let it completely dry. 'coz sometimes when you apply white nail paint over dark colors like this, it starts deviating from the 'pure' white it is and gives a tint of the background color (here, pink).

3- Take a white nail art pen or thin brush dipped in white nail paint and paint the beard and lower portion of Santa's cap carefully. Let the natural color of your nails be the skin of Santa.

4- Using black nail art pen, or very thin brush dipped in black nail paint, draw Santa's eyes.

5- Using a dotting tool or red nail art pen or thin brush or toothpick, draw a big red nose for your Santa Claus. Cover it with transparent nail paint and voila! Now even your nails will know that its Christmas time.

Nail Art Tutorial: Party Nails

How to get quick party nails!

This is one of the easiest and quickest nail-arts I've ever done.

1- Apply two coats of black nail polish.

2- Take a golden nail art pen and make big dots as shown above.

3- Give it a layer of transparent nail polish after it dries, for shine and protection.

Nail Art Tutorial : Converse Nails

                                CONVERSE LOVE

1- Start with applying a base coat of white nail-paint. Cover the tips with cello tape as shown in the first picture. And paint the rest of the area in your favorite color/colors.
Remember, before sticking cello tape, your white coat should be completely dry!

2- Take a black nail-art pen or a thin brush dipped in black nail paint and draw the lines as shown in the second picture. Let it dry.

3- Then slowly remove all the cello tape. Once the cello tape is removed, your tips become sticky and may attract dust particles. Hence, it is very important to apply transparent nail polish soon after that.

4- Finally, take a white nail art pen or a thin brush dipped in white nail paint and draw crossed shoe-laces as shown in the last picture. Give another top coat of transparent nail polish if required (optional).

There you have funky converse nails. You can also experiment with glitter instead of plain colors.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Matte Nails

I've been trying to know how to do this for a very long time and finally now that I've found it - I must share it!
Things you'll need -
  • Color Nailpaint
  • Plastic sheet
  • Cornflour
  • Medium -sized paint brush
Instructions - 

  • Place a plastic sheet on a flat surface.
  • Pour out about 4-5 drops of your nailpaint (Use dark shades - they give a better effect - preferably black)
  • Immediately sprinkle cornflour upon the puddle of nailpaint on the plastic sheet
  • Using your paintbrush, mix the two quickly before the nailpaint dries out.
  • Using the same brush, apply the mixture to your nails just like any other nailpaint
  • Wait for it to dry. You will feel like its just like normal nailpaint, I did too, but wait for about 5 minutes and see the effect :)
It is exactly like this picture - I took it from google

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Watermelon Nails

My sister did these for me 

  1. Apply a coat of red nail enamel. (A double coat would be better if yours is a light shade)
  2. Draw a diagonal line with white nail enamel below the half-nail line.
  3. Shade the bottom part of the white line with the same white nail enamel.
  4. Leaving a little part of the white, take a dark green nail enamel and apply as shown in the picture.
  5. With a black nail art pen, make the seeds in the red region.
  6. Cover this with a coat of transparent nail paint to secure and protect your nails.
  7. Wait for this to dry and you're done! :)
Enjoy the watermelon season with these watermelon nails :')

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : French tips with a twist.

French tips with a twist.

Easy and picture perfect nails.

1- We all know how to do French tips. Stick a cello tape on your nails in such a way that the tips are uncovered. Paint them in red or any bright color of your choice. Once it dries, take off the tape. Or if you are good at the art, you can do that directly with a brush. 

2- Use a white nail art pen or toothpick to create almost similar tiny dots on the painted area.

3- To add a feminine touch, use a black nail art pen or an eye liner to make ribbons as shown above.

4- Cover it with transparent nail paint. It will not only protect your design, but will also give a shine to the nude portion of your nails. There you have, nails pretty as ever!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Sensuous cheetah print talons

Sensuous cheetah print talons!

There are many other cheetah print designs available, but this one sure is the hottest! May seem complicated, but truly is easy. You just need to get the right shades.

1- Apply a base coat of rich ceramic-gold color.

2- Make undefined shapes or crooked circles with a black nail art pen or eye liner.

3- Fill them in with a sparkly copper shade. Add another coat of it, if required.

4- To make it more defined, outline once again with the black nail art pen and leave a few random marks here and there. Remember, animal prints are never uniform.

5- Lastly, add a top coat. You get the sexy party nails, which go with almost all attires.

If the nail paints used are of a good company, these designs can last for more than a week. Though its unhealthy for the nails to be covered in chemicals for more than 4 days. They need time to breathe and rejuvenate naturally.

Nail Art Tutorial : Cute Cow Nails

Cute Cow Nails

These nails aren't only cute, but also easy to make.

1- Paint all your nails white nail lacquer. Add a double coat with the same color.

2- Take a light pink nail polish and with one stroke draw the cow's mouth on the thumb. Add another coat if required. This one has to be neat.

3- Use a black nail art pen, or may be even nail polish (if you can handle the brush well) and draw random patterns as shown above. Same should be used for making the eyes and the nostrils of the cow (if you don't have a nail art pen, then use a toothpick instead)

4- Once it all dries, add a top coat, and done. I could complete this nail-art in mere 15 minutes.