Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Converse Nails

                                CONVERSE LOVE

1- Start with applying a base coat of white nail-paint. Cover the tips with cello tape as shown in the first picture. And paint the rest of the area in your favorite color/colors.
Remember, before sticking cello tape, your white coat should be completely dry!

2- Take a black nail-art pen or a thin brush dipped in black nail paint and draw the lines as shown in the second picture. Let it dry.

3- Then slowly remove all the cello tape. Once the cello tape is removed, your tips become sticky and may attract dust particles. Hence, it is very important to apply transparent nail polish soon after that.

4- Finally, take a white nail art pen or a thin brush dipped in white nail paint and draw crossed shoe-laces as shown in the last picture. Give another top coat of transparent nail polish if required (optional).

There you have funky converse nails. You can also experiment with glitter instead of plain colors.

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