Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Sensuous cheetah print talons

Sensuous cheetah print talons!

There are many other cheetah print designs available, but this one sure is the hottest! May seem complicated, but truly is easy. You just need to get the right shades.

1- Apply a base coat of rich ceramic-gold color.

2- Make undefined shapes or crooked circles with a black nail art pen or eye liner.

3- Fill them in with a sparkly copper shade. Add another coat of it, if required.

4- To make it more defined, outline once again with the black nail art pen and leave a few random marks here and there. Remember, animal prints are never uniform.

5- Lastly, add a top coat. You get the sexy party nails, which go with almost all attires.

If the nail paints used are of a good company, these designs can last for more than a week. Though its unhealthy for the nails to be covered in chemicals for more than 4 days. They need time to breathe and rejuvenate naturally.

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