Friday, 3 May 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Batman Nails


1- This nail art involves splattering-the-paint technique, which is not as hard as it sounds. Cover all your nails except the thumb one with black nail paint. Take yellow acrylic paint (you can take yellow nail polish too, but it'll cause a lot of wastage) and go to your window or some outside area preferably 'coz things will get dirty! Make the consistency of the paint thin by mixing water. And using the brush, throw the paint on your nails or even paint them slightly to make random patterns. Make sure to cover your fingers with cello tape so the paint doesn't go all over your hands.

2- Paint the thumb's nail (or actually, any nail of your choice) in yellow paint. And make a black boundary around as shown in Picture 2 with a nail art pen or thin brush. Now, the main task is to make the Batman logo. One requires patience for it. Even I had to do twice to get it right. But if you're a true Batman fan, you'll keep trying until it seems legit.

3- Once all the nails have dried, put a generous amount of top coat to protect the paint.
Super cool Batman nails are ready! B)
A tribute to the end of Batman trilogy. 

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