Monday, 8 July 2013

Make up Tutorial : Smokey Glitter Eyes

This is one of my favourite eye makeup techniques. I always wear this when I sport a black dress! It looks pretty amazing with a nude lipstick!
I used to play with my mums makeup, so I started mixing two eyeshadow shades and came up with this! I hope you like it :)
Do let me know if you try it, I would love to see!
Here is how!

Things I have used.

  1. Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow [Pose (Metallic)] (copper)
  2. Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow [Statusque (Intense)] (black)
  3. A black liquid eyeliner 
  4. L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Extra Black Mascara

Step One: In the first image, I have used Lancome Eye Shadow Pose (Metallic). It has a copper-ish shade to it. As you can see, I just filled the eye-lid. Make sure you fill it neatly, with abundant color.

Step Two: In Image number two, I have used Lancome Eye Shadow Statusque (Intense). Its a black shade. Fill the part on the upper level of the eye-lid. Apply as little as I did in image two, because when you brush it, it will spread and become as intense as it is in Image 3

Step Three : Here I have spread the Black eye shadow on the upper eye-lid.
Also, I have used a black eyeliner that you can see.
To give a good finishing, I have applied L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes - Extra Black Mascara.

That's all there is! You can apply kajal if you want :) It goes well with dark outfits and is suitable for a night event or a club party! 

Lancome Color Design Sensation Effects Eye Shadow 
Sorry for the worn out look of the box, Its been in the make up bag for a while! Haha!

L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes - Extra Black Mascara.


  1. Lovely!
    I can do my version of smokey eye but I still have not been able to achieve the perfect Mila Kunis sort of Smokey eye till date :/

    1. Thanks Karishma! :*
      I'd love to see your version!
      I think its Mila's eye color that makes the smokey eyes suit her!

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  3. Love the intense smokey eye with that bronze!!

    1. Hey! sorry for the late reply and thank you so much hun :*

  4. Wow i love the black n bronze smokey look.... :)

    Followed you back from

    1. Thank you so much Huda! :) Glad you liked it :D

  5. I love it!! I suck at eye make-up! ;) So this is gonna help! <3 :D

    1. Haha I really hope it helps :*
      I'll do it for you anytime :D