Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Finally in College!

Hey Readers and Bloggers!
I haven't been able to blog for a while because I was caught up with so much work, and as soon as I was done, my laptop and net decided to be pretty little princesses and just not work at all!
But here I am! I couldn't have taken the wait anymore! This is not a fashion-related post, just a random update on what is going on these days!

I just started college on the 11th of July, it has been about 4 weeks since and believe me on this, I haven't been happier than this.
Yes, I travel 4 hours a day. It takes me two hours to reach college from home and two more hours to return. I literally to another city every day! (Yes, Navi Mumbai is another city)
To be very honest, my college is worth it! It is so worth the traveling. I could have never wished for anything better (Touchwood).

I study in HR College of Commerce and Economics. All hail Sindhi Quota! I got in without an actual marksheet because of this quota! (on my predicted grades).

On my first day of college, we were given our divisions and I found out my class to have 80 students. (That's way less compared to the other classes with 140 or something).
That was new to me because I had only 2 other classmates in school, we were 3 in class.
But I wasn't really surprised because I know usual Junior colleges have over 100 students in class.
Well anyway, the first day was so much fun. New college, new people, new crowd - New Beginning!
It is just so funny that everyone goes all "Haaw" when I say I live in kharghar! Maybe 75% percent of them don't even know where kharghar is!
The first day was overall super! There were students from different clubs coming to class and promoting their clubs. The only club I was waiting for was RCHR (Rotaract Club of HR). It is my dream club! Read till the end to find out more!