Friday, 13 December 2013

Review : Pizza Vito

Hey lovelies!
How have you'll been?

I have become a workaholic, so sometimes I don’t get to eat for hours on the end. Sometimes I’m out from 7am to 11pm and get home and crash. Thus food goes in my tummy literally after 24 hours!
But on normal days, it’s like I’m unstoppable with the way I eat (haha, I’ve got a knack for tons of food!). Being a complete foodie, it isn’t easy for me to really stay without food for so long
I’ve been trying out new places everywhere around town. Though recently, I came across this one place in New Bombay itself.
New Bombay (aka Navi Mumbai) is where I live, and as I’ve mentioned, I travel to Mumbai everyday for college and work          .
The only reason I’m in Navi Mumbai is to sleep there at night, because my entire day goes in Mumbai with my club.

Its normal for one to explore around college and find new food hubs, but it was a boon when I found this one place in New Bombay.
Recently, after a 3 day hectic work run, I joined my friends for some lunch at this one place called “PizzaVito”. Since I was on an unpredictable time schedule that day, I reached about 45 minutes early. Though to my luck, another friend of mine too had arrived. He had already ordered something, and like the monkey I’ve always been, I pounced on his plate and finished whatever he had. It was a Pepperoni Pizza Roll
I surprisingly really liked it, and wanted more, but knowing such restaurants can be expensive, I felt it wasn’t worth it. We’re teenagers; saving pocket money is always a tragic task. My friend turned to me and said “want more? Its only 20 rupees”. I thought he’s bluffing, so I gave him the snobbish “No!”
Pepperoni cannot be so inexpensive and the restaurant looks really nice, so it simply cannot be!
He knew my doubt and showed the item on the menu.

I didn’t really order the food, and ate whatever they ordered for me (was a little moody and all). Though after a little photo session, I parcelled 3 Pepperoni Pizza Rolls (for mum, dad and my sis), and went home.
Mum doesn’t have pork, so I ate her roll. My sister is a very picky eater and she said she’d try the roll later (that’s her way of saying ‘I don’t want it’), but I forced her to, and she fell in love! She almost cried because she wanted more!
So last Friday night, my dad finally decided to try the rolls himself. Since we were short on time, we couldn’t have proper dinner at the restaurant and decided to parcel it.

Pizzavito has a lovely location. It’s on the corner of one of the “pub streets” near Palm Beach road of Belapur. The exterior catches your eye instantly during the night. With a few palm trees right outside on the driveway, it’s sure to attract you.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Review : The J Cafe.

Hey everyone! I know I'm a total b*tch, I don't even remember the last time I posted here,and apologies for the same :(

Here's an update:
College - I haven't attended a single lecture since August.
Personal life - OUT THE WINDOW! :( No time for friends or family (SORRY, I try)
Television - What is that thing?

Here's why:
What's hot? Say it loud, RCHR in the house! :')

The Rotaract Club of HR College- My life, my everything.
I spoke a little about RCHR in my previous post.
I hope you have heard of a rotaract club! If not, I really don't have a way of explaining it to you, so refer to here for more details :D
We do a lot of stuff everyday and it's home for me. My day is incomplete without my club. There's always some meeting to attend, some work to do, and I absolutely love working for the club. I am a lazy ass couch potato, and I haven't worked so much in my life compared to how much I've worked in the past 5 months! It's all I've got right now. I love working as long as it is for the club. Out of the round about 150 members in our year, only 15-17 members get "confirmed" in the first list. Being confirmed is getting a lapel pin. A lapel pin gives you the little "Rtr." in front of your name. That stands for "Rotaractor". And guess what? This is Rtr. Chandni Dialani right here :)
I was the 4th name on the first list, and it just means the world to me to know that!
It's the first time in around 3 years that I've actually been happy for once.
Unfortunate for me, I couldn't become a coordinator for the year, and I became real upset, but then again, the club is still my life, and nothing can take me back!