Friday, 6 December 2013

Review : The J Cafe.

Hey everyone! I know I'm a total b*tch, I don't even remember the last time I posted here,and apologies for the same :(

Here's an update:
College - I haven't attended a single lecture since August.
Personal life - OUT THE WINDOW! :( No time for friends or family (SORRY, I try)
Television - What is that thing?

Here's why:
What's hot? Say it loud, RCHR in the house! :')

The Rotaract Club of HR College- My life, my everything.
I spoke a little about RCHR in my previous post.
I hope you have heard of a rotaract club! If not, I really don't have a way of explaining it to you, so refer to here for more details :D
We do a lot of stuff everyday and it's home for me. My day is incomplete without my club. There's always some meeting to attend, some work to do, and I absolutely love working for the club. I am a lazy ass couch potato, and I haven't worked so much in my life compared to how much I've worked in the past 5 months! It's all I've got right now. I love working as long as it is for the club. Out of the round about 150 members in our year, only 15-17 members get "confirmed" in the first list. Being confirmed is getting a lapel pin. A lapel pin gives you the little "Rtr." in front of your name. That stands for "Rotaractor". And guess what? This is Rtr. Chandni Dialani right here :)
I was the 4th name on the first list, and it just means the world to me to know that!
It's the first time in around 3 years that I've actually been happy for once.
Unfortunate for me, I couldn't become a coordinator for the year, and I became real upset, but then again, the club is still my life, and nothing can take me back! 

Here's coming to a post I've been dying to do since the start of college.
I am doing my FYJC from Hassaram Rijhumal College of Commerce and Economics. And don't worry, it's just called "HR" to save time. It's located in this beautiful area called "Churchgate". It is a hop, skip and jump distance from Marine Drive <3
Right opposite my college is this tiny little place called "The J cafe", and yet again my previous post spoke about it. I have been eating from this "cafe" almost everyday I'm in town. I literally get pocket money separately for "The J"
Everyday before or after some RCHR work in college, I hop over to The J. I stand in the little shop, and stare at the menu for a while, trying to decide what to order. Everything on the list is so yummy, that it does take me some time to decide what to eat! I basically know the menu by heart!

The best thing on the menu : Chilly Cheese Fries!
The fries and nuggets and all come in this conical paper container. It's the coolest way to serve!
Chilly Cheese Fries have been everyone's favourite, and according to me, the most most popular item out there! I put extra cheese on my fries usually, and sometimes extra chicken too!

Chilly Cheese Fries with Salsa Sauce and Chicken

The Shredded Chicken is heavenly here!

There is one more thing that is a MUST try at The J --> Pizza Fries! I genuinely don't know how they make these lip-smacking things, but believe me on this - It's one place you can trust with taste! Every item is so delicious out there.
The pizza fries are nice and crispy. They are best with extra cheese (I say that for everything here. The cheese at The J is the baap of all the possible kinds of cheese)

Pizza Fries!

The 3rd item I often crave for is Nachos with Salsa and Cheese. I've had nachos from various places now. But the Nachos at the J beats every other. The one thing I love about them is that they actually make their own sauces. It kinda sucks for me, because I can't just buy it elsewhere and make these fries at home :( but nevertheless, their Cheese sauce is the yummiest I've had so far.
Ps. Non-Veg Nachos come with the yummy shredded chicken <3

They've got these cute little yummy cupcakes, and I don't really have them that often, because I prefer the fries. But just look at these cupcakes, don't you just want one of them like right now?! :D

I wish I could write about every item on the menu, but I've got to head off for work (believe me, I can actually write about everything there)
The J is overall my top fast food place. If you're ever in town, you honestly must visit! :D

PS. Opening up opposite the 2 most popular colleges in Mumbai was a really smart idea. 


  1. You have taken such good food pictures! Who wouldn't want to visit this place after reading this post.

    1. Thank you Karishma :*
      You must visit! You'll fall in love with the food there :D