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Selfie Stick : Review + GIVEAWAY!!

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Video : 3 Easy Ways to use White Kajal

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Here is my latest video - 3 easy ways to use White Kajal- using Lakme's Eyeconic white!
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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Video : Basic College Makeup Tutorial

Press Release - Nike Zoom Fit Agility‏

Nike Zoom Fit Agility

The gym is home to incremental improvements. The athlete always strives to do just one more squat or one more box jump.
The extra effort necessary to better one’s personal bests can be difficult to generate, especially at the end of a long, grueling training session.
The Nike Zoom Fit Agility is designed with that athlete insight in mind. It features highly responsive Nike Zoom Air, which helps put an extra spring in the female athlete’s step. Armed with this responsiveness, she will welcome rather than worry about her workout’s final burpee.
In Nike Zoom Air, tightly stretched tensile fibers are woven inside a pressurized Nike Air unit. Upon impact, these fibers release their tension and then snap back to their original state. This generates ideal responsiveness for athletes looking to quickly navigate each step of their workouts.
However, traditional Nike Zoom applications often don’t provide the flexibility that female athletes demand in the gym. To solve for this, designers broke the Nike Zoom Air in the Nike Zoom Fit Agility into independent air bags, allowing the shoe to flex in multiple directions. Each bag is placed in hexagonal rubber pods and strategically positioned where the female athlete needs cushioning most.
“The Nike Zoom Fit Agility is a perfect example of our data-informed design,” says Nicole Mueller, the Nike Women’s Training Footwear Design Director. “We look at the female athlete’s six core moves — lunge, squat, push, pull, bend and rotate — and study the resulting pressure mapping data. The Nike Zoom pattern on the outsole provides cushioning and responsiveness where she feels the most pressure underfoot in her workouts.”
The shoe’s upper is a blend of lightweight mesh and foam. The mesh provides breathability, while the foam lends support, flexibility and comfort. Nike dynamic Flywire loosens and tightens with the movement of the foot for an adaptive fit.
In addition, the heel construction features added padding near the collar that works to deliver increased comfort and restrict movement for a more secure fit.
“When I first tried the Nike Zoom Fit Agility, I noticed how light it was,” says professional basketball player Skylar Diggins. “It makes me feel faster. And it’s really comfortable. If a shoe is uncomfortable, it becomes a distraction and takes away from your workout.”

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Review : Oriflame's Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick in Dusky Nude, Honey Chestnut and Eternal Red

Hey Loves! 
Hope you guys have been super! Happy Diwali to all you wonderful people <3
Today I'm going to review one of the coolest looking lipsticks I’ve come across.

Oriflames’ Giordani Gold range is a popular one among the ladies and the products are drool-worthy! 

Today I'm reviewing Oriflame’s Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick. I’ve got 3 wonderful shades to show you guys the range they have!

Rs. 649/-



 The Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick’s packaging looks like a million bucks. I absolutely LOVE it. It comes in a BEAUTIFUL gold metallic bullet with amazing details. It is packed in a gold paper box which has the shade's name on the bottom. The bullet is well-made and locks perfectly. The bottom of the bullet also has the shade's name given so it's easier. Overall, extremely classy packaging – One of the lipstick’s major plus points. Thumbs up for the packaging, guys!

Texture and Lasting Power: 
This lipstick is not for the matte girls. It’s got a glossy, creamy texture, and moisturizes wonderfully. It glides easily. You need not use a lip balm or anything before applying. Though I have to say, that the lasting power is not that great. It stays for a maximum of 2-3 hours leaving a tint behind. Also, I wish it was more pigmented. You need to swipe atleast 2 times to get a good finish.

Shade : 
The range offers 7 shades. From pink to the purple to the red, they’ve got it all. So the shades I’m reviewing are 

Dusky Nude – A light, very nude pink.

Honey Chestnut – A brown with red hints.

Eternal Red – A maroon-ish Red

Not too overwhelming, its got a very mild, pleasant smell.

L to R - Dusky Nude, Honey Chestnut, Eternal Red

Dusky Nude
Honey Chestnut
Eternal Red
It’s available on the Oriflame website, and also with any Oriflame consultant.

Pros and Cons :
Pros - 
Classy Packaging
Reasonable price
Great fragrance
Glides smoothly
Amazing Quality
Creamy Texture
Acts as a moisturizer
Doesn't settle in the fine lines
Travel Friendly
Great range of shades for daily use

Cons -
Low lasting power
Low pigmentation

Would I restock it:
Yes, Eternal Red, I will

Do I recommend it:
Yup, the shades are pretty unique.

Hope you guys like the review!
Do let me know in the commect sections what you think of the product, whether you've used it or not and how your experience has been!

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*PR Samples. But honest review. Please read my Review Policy and Disclaimer for more details

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Review : Jabong.com

Hii Guys!
Hope you all are doing well!

Today I'm going to review one of the coolest websites for online shopping I have used up until now.

Online shopping maybe the best debate topic because there is JUST SO MUCH to table about these two words. Some people like it, some people don't. I, on the other hand come into the category in between. I kind of rely on online shopping alot, because I do so much in a day that I don't get the time to go to the stores and buy stuff. Though at the same time, I do have that tiny fear that my dad has instilled in me. He was anti-online-shopping to no limits. But after shopping from Jabong, his opinions have changed completely.

Before I get to my experiences, let me get to what Jabong claims on their website:

Jabong.com is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality branded products. Jabong.com caters to the fashion needs of men, women and kids across footwear, apparel, jewellery and accessories.
At Jabong.com we strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our cutting edge E-commerce platform, highly experienced buying team, agile warehouse systems and state of the art customer care centre provides customer with:
  • Broader selection of products
  • Superior buying experience
  • On-time delivery of products
  • Quick resolution of any concerns

My experience while placing my order:

The website has easy navigation, and everything is sorted well and easy to find. They have a very wide variety of products!

I had a funny experience with my online shopping. My order was placed on my 4th attempt, though it was entirely my fault.
I'm going to tell you'll about my experience now.

1st Attempt : I put 4 items in my cart. I went to check out, and put in a coupon code. I selected Debit card as my payment mode. I proceeded to the bank's gateway page. MY NET WENT OFF! :P
It was annoying, but luckily my cart was saved. Thus bringing me to -

2nd Attempt : I went to check out. I selected Debit Card as my payment mode. I proceeded to the bank's gateway page. I FORGOT TO PUT THE COUPON CODE! :P
The payment was successful and when my dad got a msg on his phone telling him about the amount deducted, he asked me "what more did you order now? I thought the amount was less."
And thats when it struck me, Oh snap! I forgot to put the coupon code.
So I quickly called the customer service, who very calmly listened to me and cancelled my order for me. They even assured me that the money will be refunded within 14 days.
My dad, who is the biggest critic when it comes to online shopping said "Never order online. You will never get refunds" because of personal experience with another website. He was impressed when we got refunded in just about a weeks time.

3rd Attempt : I went to check out. I put in the coupon code. It said my coupon code was used in my 1st attempt.
So I again called customer service who very patiently listened to me explain all my attempts and told me that the coupon code will be re-issued in two days, which it did.

4th Attempt (two days later) : I went to check out. I put in the coupon code. I chose COD as my payment option (which was Rs.39 extra) because my dad didn't want me to use my card. I SUCCESSFULLY PLACED MY ORDER! :D

Now let me highlight this amazing thing that Jabong does. They INFORM you about anything and everything! I got an e-mail and a text message everytime my order was placed/cancelled/shipped. I even got a msg saying the refund process has begun. They even wanted me to confirm the refund once received. More than me, My dad loved their service!

I received my order 2-3 days after I successfully placed it - which was pretty fast!

Product Packaging :

The parcel came in a plastic wrapping which had the invoice on it.

Now my parcel had one foundation which had a glass container. So I received my order in this air column package which was amazing! (I love these instead of bubble wrap)

Inside the Air-Column Package was the order. There was a shampoo, a conditioner, a foundation and a kajal. 

Since the kajal already had a package, they did not plastic wrap that, but the rest of the items came in a plastic wrap.

I love how these products were packed, however I did have one thing that went wrong.
When I opened the plastic wrap on the shampoo, I noticed that it had leaked in the plastic. That was the only thing that was wrong.

Pros and Cons :

1. Easy Navigation
2. AMAZING Customer Service
3. Refunds on time
4. Fast Delivery
5. Keep the buyer informed about everything via texts and mails.
6. Air Column Packaging.

1. I received the shampoo leaked in the plastic wrap.

Overall Rating : 4/5 (It would have been 5/5 if not for the leaked shampoo)

Friday, 25 July 2014

La mode 2014

Hi guys!

I'm so excited to be telling you'll about this project We did recently.

We had been working on this since April in fact. It was supposed to take place in May. But in between so many things went wrong, that it took place in July. But the best part is that it happened! And it happened in the best way possible!

So here's presenting La Mode 2014

FashHunny associated with the Rotaract Club of HR College and got some amazing prize partners for the project.
It was basically about expressing fashion through different rounds and giving an innovative side to it by tapping upon various aspects of fashion through our project,
Our aim was to change the way people think about fashion and broaden people's outlook on it.

So let me begin by asking you, What does fashion mean to you?
Is it just dressing up and putting on make up? Or is it even more? 
Take your time and think, because I took a good few days and concluded with this:

Fashion is our way of expressing ourselves, it isn't just looking good in something we wear, it is showing how bold, happy and confident we feel when we wear it. Aspects of fashion like make up, it isn't just applying layers of make up on our faces to look good. It's the art of make up. It's the sense of beauty it brings. It is expressing ourselves with color and flawlessness. Accessories aren't just items we wear, they are items that compliment our outfits and compliment our body. 
Fashion all together isn't just following the rules because they've been made, but breaking these rules and creating your own, because that's what makes you, you. 

Fashion is originality. And to keep this originality going in the young generation, we did La Mode 2014 where different aspects of fashion were brought in the limelight and their importance was highlighted.

What's more? 
Our amazing prize partners made this project everything worth it!

So presenting, prize partners for La Mode 2014!
Yudi Shot It
India Circus

The participants sure had a great incentive thanks to our amazing prize partners!

The project took place on 23rd July at HR College itself. We had 3 rounds, where we tested their fashion knowledge and explored various aspects of fashion. They designed their own magazine cover, they dyed their own shirts with acrylic paints, did their own nail art, learned to drape a saree, they even went back to basics and learned how to stitch! We tested their fashion knowledge by putting them through a fun quiz where they had to solve rebusses, guess the logos and solve who am I's as well! In another round, they had to write fashion items from A-Z and boy that was a task! To add a little fun to this project, we played Twister with clothes!

In my upcoming posts, I will tell you'll about every round in detail and about our winners as well! So stay tuned!

Again, a big thank you to our prize partners, Oriflame, Yudi Shot it, India Circus, Ayesha and Maybelline for the fabulous prizes! We are thankful for this association and hope to associate with you'll in the future as well.

Here's a little insight to our project from the people involved :

"When you have a base like fashion, you know you've got a massive audience to reach out to. The challenge lies in bringing the people who are not inclined towards it to use their heads & identify the diverse nature that is hidden within them. 
'La Mode' was one sensation, the tiedie, the rebusses & the partners! To have a balance number of guys participating at it too was a treat for me! 
All boxes were a check for me, Take back - 100%, Entertainment - 100% & Quality - Top notch! 
If I were any of the two of you, this would be a check on my bucket list, so Congratulations!"
- Nikunj Pherwani, President, The Rotaract Club of HR College.

"La Mode.. A project showing creativity and glamour at it's best.. It was a delight seeing both guys and girls have a blast at this fashionista project"
- Ananya Wagh, Organizer.

"First time I heard about the concept of La mode I was really not keen at being a part of it but when I took part, the things that seemed really girly turned out to be really fun. I learnt a lot and the major aspect I'll take back is that you need to use your brains for fashion and it isn't just something girls should know. I can proudly say I won La Mode."
- Mustansir Merchant, Winner.

"Who knew Fashion and me would ever walk along the same path? But at La Mode, the fashion in me was discovered and it was one crazy side. La mode was brilliant and breath taking from all the small tasks to doing and making something. I was in awe of the project and winning it was a cherry on the cake. All in all, it was a day well spent!" 
- Pooja Shah, Winner.

"On hearing that brands like Maybelline, Oriflame, Ayesha and India Circus were partners for La Mode, it was obvious that this project was going to be absolutely amazing.. And it indeed was! The winners gifts were absolutely stunning!"
- Aashna Patel, Participant.

"Fashion is something that keeps trending! and at RCHR, La Mode was the perfect project to bring out the passion of something that is not part of our daily life. It was awesome."
- Mrugen Modi, Organizer.

"It was an absolute pleasure organising La Mode with Chandni. Our main objective was to tap on a huge audience and convince them that fashion is much more than just dressing up and walking the runway.We successfully did so and the best part is that we helped people that never took the pains to dress up,evolve the fashionista in them." 
- Krystelle Menezes, Project Organizer

It was a pleasure organising this project and you guys must stay tuned to know more about it.

Until then, so much love to each and every one of you'll,
Chandni Dialani (FashHunny)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Outfit Post : Lethal Black.

Hey loves!

I'm excited to tell you'll that I'm going to start doing outfit posts on my blog thanks to my dear friend Shalini, who herself is an amazing blogger.

I love the entire concept of outfit posts and I enjoyed putting this outfit together with Shalini for you lovely ladies.

Photography and Make up credits : Shalini Mohanty

Dress: H&M Spain, Shoes: DressBarn USA, Bracelet: Chain from a bag, Handbag: Charles & Keith (credits: Shalini)

Base make up : MAC Liquid concealer, Maybelline BB stick
On my lips : MAC Ruby Woo
On my cheeks : Too Faced Blush
For my eyes : Eyeshadows from Sephora, LancĂ´me and Fetish
Benefits They're Real! Mascara

I'm going to tell you'll a quote from a movie that just came out, based on one of my favourite books of all time. It's a quote I've been relating to very often now. 
"You don't get to choose if get hurt in this world... But you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices."
To explain myself a bit more, I just have to say that I'm around a lot of people who doubt and discourage me every day. I came out of school a year back and joined a college far far away just to find happiness. But it's been a year and college life is still hard for me. People are rude. I've never felt like I belong somewhere. It does hurt a lot, but like the quote says, I do have a say in who hurts me :) and you do too!!

I hope you guys like this post. Do comment below and let me know! Also, follow me on blogger, I'd love to connect with you'll!!
Stay tuned for my next post where I'll be posting some exciting news!

Much love to you,
Chandni Dialani (FashHunny)

Friday, 30 May 2014

My Top 5 Lipsticks!

Hiii Guys!
How are you'll?

I'm in Bangalore!!

Incase you'll follow me on Instagram (@instafashhunny) and you'll follow my #100happydays, I'm sure you'll must've seen my #BangaloreDiaries which actually is just a million selfies with my baby niece! 

I'm staying with my brother, who goes to work morning to night, so his ultra-cool wife and I go to malls every day. Their daughter, my seven-year-old niece, is so involved with her friends that she simply doesn't have much time for her seventeen-year-old aunt, i.e, me. 
So malls everyday? Oh I'm saturated! There's nothing else to do in this city!! If you guys have any suggestions- Please comment below, I leave back for Mumbai on 10th June!

Now coming down to the fun part! My top 5 Lipsticks*! I had a great time putting this post together, so I hope you'll enjoy reading it! 

*PS. Almost all of them (except #4) are from the US, so I'm doubtful they are available in India (I worry where I'll get them once they're over)

PPS. Scroll down for Swatches! 

1. Kiehl's Denise Red 112

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Berry Rich 510 

3. Rochas Satin Finish #15

4. Elle 18 Candy Kiss 40

5. Revlon MoistureStay Violet 13

And now, Here are the Swatches on my little niece's arm!

Hope you guys liked my top 5! Do let me know your fav 5 Lipsticks! I'd love to know! :D 

Until Next Time,
Love love love always,
Chandni Dialani

PS. I'm really serious about the first part - There is nothing but malls in Bangalore!