Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review : Art Deco Perfect Shine Lipstick in Shade 528

Hey Lovelies! How are you'll?

Ever since I started college, We've had a lot of fests going on every other day, and the best part is that the partners they get are absolutely kick-ass! This time, there was a fest called 'Blaze' going on. They had this really cool stall near the entrance that sold cosmetics.

I survive on pocket money, so I think 20 times before every purchase.
It took me a good 15 minutes to decide the lipstick shade I bought. Thank god I had a friend along to help! There were these really cool 'lip colors' that were sketch-pens for the lips. Though that sounded pretty uncomfortable to me, so I stuck with the lipstick!

Art Deco products aren't easily available in India. I was told by the SA at the stall that the German based company is trying to release the products in the Indian market soon.

The product I bought was "Art Deco Perfect Shine Lipstick" in "Shade 528"
The funny part however is that I cannot find it over the net. There is no product detail or anything that sort except this one foreign website that sells it for Rs.1063/- Click here to see the website.

On research, however, I found out that Art Deco has a fabulous line of lip products. You can see their website here : Art Deco Website
Also, via online shopping, you can buy their products on Beauty Bay.

Let's see how the product did for me!

The piece comes in this paper tube.

 The packaging looks classy with the metal tube.

Ingredients : 

Content : 

I'm a big fan of pink, coral and berry when it comes to lip products. I was extremely satisfied with the shade that I bought. It is very rare that light colors suite me, even though I have a fair skin tone. But this one did well for me.

When I researched and found the other ArtDeco lipsticks. I was actually shocked looking at the price. They're for around Rs.1100/-
But you will not believe that I actually bought this one for Rs.175/-

Likes :

  1. Great packaging. It comes in a nice metal case.
  2. Lovely light-bright coral-pink shade.
  3. Excellent creamy finish
  4. Extremely moisturizing.
  5. Fantastic pigmentation.
  6. Nearly opaque in just one go.
  7. Doesn't dry easily
  8. Price I bought it for.
Dislikes :

  1. Availability in India
  2. Lasting power - lasted not more than 2.5 hours on me, though it does leave a faded stain.
  3. Price it is sold for
Overall : 
It's a really good product to use. If you're in for the creamy, not-too shiny, opaque finish lipsticks, then you should go for this! But I'm not sure where to get them. The availability is terrible.

Swatches :

Lip swatch : 

I'm surely going to find out where to get this one and will share it with you guys as soon and I get to know!
Meanwhile, you can check out the Beautybay website if you wish to see the other ArtDeco lipsticks! 

Hope you like the review and do let me know in the comments if you have tried any ArtDeco products. I'm curious to know more about the brand!

Lots of Love,
Chandni :)

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    1. I fell in love with it when I saw it! There are wonderful shades from this line! :D

  2. Woww, it's just gorgeous pink! Looking beautiful on your lips <3

    1. Thank you so much Rakshanda :*

  3. such a lovely shade !! and looking nice on you


  4. This is one gorgeous shade!
    I want to invite you to join my GIVEAWAY, you can win Clarins and more:


    1. Hey there Olivia :D Thanks for your comment.
      I shall check out your giveaway too :D

  5. looks like a perfect spring color ! love the fact that it has some moisture !

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