Friday, 3 January 2014

College Make-up Essentials

Hello Bloggers and Readers!
A very happy new year to you all!

I spent my New Years at my Best Friend's place in North Mumbai :D We stayed home and gossiped and danced! It was fun!
I don't really have a New Year's Resolution, because in my 16 years, I have never been able to live upto them! 

How was your New Years Eve? What did you guys do? :D
Do tell me about your New Year's Resolution

I just went back to college after Christmas Break and believe me, the only reason I went was to hog on the Chinese food in my College Canteen. It is delicious! <3

I think it's important to look your best in college atleast, because you're going to be around for the next 5 years, and it sure is important to present yourself in the best manner.
Though, keeping in mind, it's college, and not a party/outing, Your look cannot have excessive make up either! It's got to be simple, sweet and subtle!
For me, I cannot apply too much make-up to college. My look consists of two items, and that only!
It's been 6 months since I've joined college, and cannot step out of my house without these two make-up essentials!

1. Maybelline Colossal Kajal :
I need this Kajal everyday, and I cannot enter college without applying it. My eyes look dull without a stroke of it. I bet every girl needs it for their daily look!
I prefer Maybelline Colossal, because it stands out, and is longer lasting. It also is a darker black that I like.

2. Maybelline Baby Lips : Berry Crush
I travel so often, and usually without having water for a stretch! My lips become so dry, and it even looks cracky. I always need a lip balm to make my lips less dry. Baby lips is my favourite lip care product of all time! I love the tinted color and smell. I've always had a thing for lip balms and chapsticks!
It lasts a maximum of 4 hours on my lips though, so I do have to reapply often! I've bought it 3 times in the past 9 months! 

Well, That's all there is for my college look. I tend to keep it simple!
I wear jeans and tops(no noodle straps) only in college because they have strict dress code rules. Though for trips and outings, I love wearing shorts and comfy tops!

Thanks for reading!
Do comment and tell me about your college make up essentials!


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    1. Happy New Year! Hope you had a great new years eve! :D
      Baby lips is my savior! Specially now in winters! :D