Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hair Care Products or Hair Drama?

Hey you lovely readers out there! 
Today I'm going to tell you about the products I've used over the years for my hair!
It's not in preference order, just randomly placed!
My list is not that long, but I'm still trying to explore other products.
Hope you enjoy it! Do tell me about your hair-care products!

PS. It's all based on my personal opinion! So please do tell me how they work for you :)

1. Dove Hair Therapy

I'll be completely completely honest - Dove absolutely ruined my hair quality. I started having terrible hair-fall after using this shampoo, that's why I had to stop using it after a month of testing
Though it may be not suiting my hair, but it does wonders for my sister.
So I do have mixed opinions on this one!

2. Streax Colorgard Shampoo

I recently colored my hair, and I've had terrible dryness because of the color. But if I condition, my color fades. Though this shampoo surely helps with the color fading problem. My color fades less when I use this!

3. TRESemme Keratin Smooth

The godfather of all Shampoos for me! I don't really change my Shampoos too often, and stick to one usually. After using this one, it's my new "it-shampoo" right now! I love the little strawberry-like smell, and I love how it makes my hair softer and thicker!
The only negative thing is that it makes my hair color fade.

4. L'Oreal Total Repair 5

This was my "it-shampoo" about a month back! I used it for a good year (bought almost 10 bottles x_x) and it genuinely helped me maintain my hair well. 

5. Dove Hair Therapy Conditioners

While their Shampoos couldn't work their magic on me, their conditioner surely did. 
I regularly use this conditioner to prevent my hair from roughness.

6. Sunsilk Conditioner

It has been exactly a week since I bought this, and I've used this just once to experiment. It makes my hair less rough, though I've started having a little bit of dandruff after using it. So no risks with that! 

7. Garnier Fructis Shampoo + Oil

This was my "it-shampoo" when it first launched and I loved it. But I think I switched to L'Oreal after this. Though it still remains as my mum's "it-shampoo"

Do comment and tell me about which products you've used! And please suggest some if you have any in mind, I'd love to try them! 

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Lots of love to you all :)


  1. I have been using Sunsilk shampoos for a long time by now. You are right about Dove. My mum loves it and even though I initially loved it, it started giving me itchy scalp and hairfall. In fact, I feel one needs to change shampoo from time to time.

    1. Sunsilk's original shampoos were the best. They're not in sight anymore!
      Thank god someone else feels the same about Dove, thought I was the only person! :P
      Though, I'm unable to change my shampoo often, because it takes a while to adapt to them.

  2. Great all the products.. I loved the Loreal elvive shampoo but that's not working well for me now .I thinks it's time for me to change my shampoo. And yes u r rite about the dove conditioner.. I love that too... :)

    Followed your back from

    1. Thanks Huda :D
      I was recently using L'Oreal, but as I mentioned, I'm loving TRESemme more! I think you should give it a try too :D

      Lots of Love!

  3. I love Dove, kinda suit my hair a lot. wanted to try tresemme, thanks for reviewing the strawberry version !
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  4. I love Dove always great post