Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Exam Fever+ Final Tattoo Decision! - Wish me luck!

Hey loves! 
I miss you all! :(
My stupid exams are coming up and I could just scream out load.
I haven't been able to write a post and everything just goes into draft because I'm always traveling or studying, or ofcourse at a Rotaract Club project. 
I've got tons of crazy posts coming your way as soon as my exams get over and I'm a tension free lukkha :p 

Studying is making me sick inside and I am dying to burn all my books! (Or just pass them down to juniors). Damn, how dramatic can my life be at this moment? 
I've been down with constant fever and been so weak all along that I just cannot study anymore. But oh well, it's just something I've gotta get over with!

This post is going to be really short. So coming down to the best part - I've finally decided my tattoo! 
It's hands down the sword with a gold vine. My parent's names in symbols.
However, the place where the sword is held, the circular knob sort of a thing... That's going to be replaced by a red heart.
So it's a combination of two of my most-wanted designs!
And I'm getting it on my nape. Sounds a bit scary, but it feels safer there!
So all I gotta do is collect enough money and it's inked ! :D (oh pocket money)

I'm going to be back in a snap! Waiting for these exams to end!
Wish me luck - I need it!
Virtual hugs to youu<3
Lots of love,

(Its exciting for us 16 year olds :P)

Monday, 10 February 2014

Review :

A few days back, I was in the mood for buying a lipstick for just no reason.
I wasn't well so I couldn't go out and it was late, but all hail technology, there was online shopping! :D
I came across a add somewhere and thought it just the place.

Alot of you might have already used this website. This was my first time with the website (thanks to boredom).  What I really like is that you get a variety of products - from the cheapest to the most expensive here. There are cool discounts and offers also.

About is a leading one-stop online store for all your beauty and wellness needs. With about 200 brands and more than 10,000 products, offers a comprehensive selection of makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrances, bath and body and luxury products for women and men. All products are 100% authentic, sourced directly from the brands or authorized distributors. Nykaa ships products to more than 900 cities across the country to almost 9,000 zip codes using the services of leading and reliable courier companies. 

My experience with 

I had seen so many advertisements of this website - that I thought I had to give it a try. Luckily, out of boredom, I felt I had to get an Elle 18 Lipstick. They're cheap and all. But since I wasn't well, I thought that this website could just be the help I needed.

Navigation on the website is really easy. They have these tabs that showcase the kinds of products they have .

They have free shipping on orders over Rs.500 and Cash on Delivery option for orders over Rs.1000 has this amazing concept of "Loyalty Points"
100 points = Rs 1.00. 
If your billing amount is "X", You get "X" number of loyalty points.
So if I order something worth Rs.2000, I get 2000 Loyalty Points, and that equals to Rs.20.
I can collect Loyalty points as I shop, and get a good discounted rate on my next purchases.
As a start, you get 2000 Loyalty Points by default in your account. 

With my order, It had a Rs.50 shipping charge. The product I ordered was for Rs.100.

On my total on Rs.150, I used the 2000 Loyalty Points for a Rs.20 discount. 

The checkout and payment method is easy. I used my Debit Card and placed the order in 5 minutes (not kidding)

Shipping and Packaging

I placed my order somewhere around midnight on 28th January, and you won't believe that I received it on 30th January in the afternoon. It was so quick! 

The packaging was fab. It was neatly taped and had the To and From addresses printed. 

Upon opening, I found the invoice and the bubble wrapped product.

 What I really really liked was that they bubble wrapped the product so neatly

Pros and Cons

Pros : 

  1. Easy to Navigate 
  2. Has every newly launced product available
  3. Great variety of products
  4. Placing an order is easy and quick (took 5 minutes)
  5. Quick delivery (took less than 2 days for me) 
  6. Loyalty points concept is brilliant and motivating
  7. Bubble wrap the products neatly
  8. 2 methods of preventing damage to the products - Bubble wrap and box
  9. Products reached without any damage
  10. Friendly and polite customer service 
  11. Free shipping for orders over Rs.500
  12. Cash on Delivery option for orders over Rs.1000
  13. Keeps you aware of your order. Sends mails when orders are placed/shipped. 
  14. Easy to track your order

Cons* : 
  1. No free shipping for orders below Rs.500
  2. No Cash on delivery for orders below Rs.1000

    *Thats all! I survive on pocket money, so yeah, sort of a drawback for me! But otherwise, there are no cons. The website is great!
Overall Rating : 4.75/5

The product was bought with my own money. I am not paid/sponsored for this review. My opinions are completely honest.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Estee Lauder Gifts

Hey darlings! How are you'll?

I'm so late, but I forgot this post was in my drafts for so almost a month!
My Aunt and Uncle from the USA came down to India recently and got me amazing products from Estee Lauder.
They are all samples and came in a wonderful bag :)
Get ready for a super picture-filled post! 

Starting from L to R, Here they are :D 

1.  Intense Kajal Eyeliner

They come in this cute little box.

It has Estee Lauder written on the sides.

There are 3 pencil kajal eyeliners in it. 

There are these 3 lovely shades! 

Blackened Sapphire - A dark dark Navy blue

Blackened Plum - A black with a hint of purple

Blackened Cocoa - A Muddy Brown


2. Advanced Night Repair - Synchronized Recovery Complex II
I've read amazing reviews on this, and I can't wait to try it. The only thing that stops me is that I feel I'm too young to use this! 

3. Perfectly Clean - Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying Mask

This is one of the very few cleansers that suite me. I travel 4 hours in total every day, in those filthy harbour line trains that I need a wash before and after every journey! This one has shown the best results I have seen on my skin till now. Bad luck that it's just a sample :( I wish I could order and store more of these!

4. Advanced Time Zone - Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme 

Hahaha! I'm DEFINITELY too young to use this! I'm just 16 :P
Maybe after 20-30 years I'll get this for sure :D For now, Mum you can have it!

5. Pure Color Lipstick in Shade "Sugar Honey Shimmer 83"

I really like the shade, but it is not my type :P Wouldn't wear it regularly


6.  Sumptuous and Extra Sumptuous Mascara

There are two shades of Mascara.

One is Sumptuous Extreme - Extreme Black
Its a jet black shade.

The other one is Sumptuous - Black
This one is more of a blue-ish black

7. Perfume - Estee Lauder Pleasure

I love this perfume, so I'm going to use it very very rarely because I just don't want to finish it up!

8. Pure Color EyeShadow

This really cool box made me scream when I saw it.

There are 7 shades. 

  1. 30 - Sugar Cube - SATIN
  2. 13 - Tranquil Moon - SATIN
  3. 68 - Nocturnal Blue - SATIN
  4. 72 - Amazing Grey - SHIMMER
  5. 26 - Iridescent Violet - SATIN
  6. 09 - Amethyst Spark - SHIMMER 
  7. 45 - Lavish Mink - MATTE

It comes with this super soft brush, but I doubt it's the right brush for applying eyeshadow.

Well that's the end! :D
I'm so so excited!
Can't wait to use these products!
Let me know if you've tried any one these!
The facewash is my fav! Tell me which one is yours :D 

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing this!

Love and hugs,
Chandni :) 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Help me decide my first tattoo :D

Hey loves!
Hope you all have been healthy and happy.

I really need some help! I'm getting my first tattoo!
Since I started blogging, I've met such wonderful people with the most creative minds, and I thought you guys might just be my saviours by deciding what I should get! :D 

I have 3 designs in mind and 2 parts of the body where I should get. I just can't decide which combination!

Here are the designs - (All images from google)

1. A Heart 
To signify love. I've been so lucky and loved my entire life. Love is just everything to me. This one little heart means the whole gigantic world to me. There is so much meaning in this tiny little symbol for me.

2. A Paw print 
I doubt if I should write this, cuz people freak out knowing I have over 150 pets. I've had pets since I was born. I was most attached to my dogs. They all lived long healthy lives, and each time one of my pets went to heaven, they took a part of me with themselves. I'm not complete without my pets. They're my best friends! 
So this tattoo means so much to me because it just signifies everything I've ever lived for. It will make it so much more permanent 

3. A Sword with a gold vine.
I've always thought that when I get a tattoo, it will be the simplest thing ever! Nothing too complicated and something with so much meaning and so much attachment that will last me a lifetime, cuz tattoos stay for a lifetime.
Getting a boyfriend's name or something never made sense to me, because they're not forever. But i've always wanted my parents' names tattooed.

My parents have extremely typical Indian names :p so bare with me :P 

My dad's name is Vijay. That means "Victory". The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of Victory is a sword. 

My mum's name is Hemlata/Hema. It means "Gold vine/Golden flower"
So instead of getting the cliched name tattoo, I feel this one carries more meaning to it. The vine is tangled around the sword. It shows how attached my parents are. They've been together for 30 years now.

The two parts of the body where I am comfortable getting a tattoo are :

1. The nape 

I've always wanted "You are beautiful" written on my nape for some reason. But text is not my thing with tattoos.
The nape is somewhere a tattoo may/may not be showcased to the world. For me, the whole idea of tattoo WAS to look great, but its more about meaning than looks.
After all the negative opinions I've received on my red hair, I doubt I can stand red tattoo comments.
I love my hair the way it is, and I did it for myself, and not to impress anyone. So this time, I don't know if I want someone to see a tattoo.
The idea of getting a tattoo on the nape makes me feel so much more comfortable and secure.
Though the downside is that my hair is always tied up, or one-sided in a fishtail or simple braid. I don't like leaving my hair open all the time. So a nape tattoo might be pretty evident in my case.

2. The wrist

I have no particular reason, but a tattoo on the wrists was just the most perfect-est idea to me. Though, I fall sick once a month and I always have a major health problem once a year.
After learning about the risk of getting a tattoo on the wrist, it sort of scared me.
I've had terrible health problems my entire life, and affecting another by a wrist tattoo kind of freaks me out.
And also, wrist tattoos are more difficult to hide/cover up. Tattoos are permanent, and when I grow up, I don't want it to affect my professional life later. You know how judgmental some people can be. right?
However, I just can't help but feel so comfortable with a wrist tattoo.
Help me! I'm going insane!
Help me decide what to get and where to get. I can't seem to make up my mind!
Please comment below and let me know what combination makes more sense :) I really need your opinion!

Love and more love and big tight virtual hugs to you all.

*All images have been taken from google image search.