Thursday, 6 March 2014

Event : YouTube FanFest

Hey loves!
How are you'll?

Recently I went for the much-awaited "YouTube FanFest". Around 3 weeks before the event, when I got to know Superwoman was going to be there, I went insane looking for tickets. They were already sold out by the time I got to know! I almost cried in the last week because I had no clue how to get in, and I just desperately had to meet Superwoman (Lilly Singh). She is one of the two people I can be a "fan-girl" for (the other one is Deepika Padukone). And I thought to myself that I'm sneaking in somehow, or I'll just shift outside Taj and stalk Superwoman. I've never felt so terrible because she was actually in Mumbai and I couldn't meet her.

On 28th Feb, the night before Fanfest, I won 2 passes via a Twitter contest. Nothing could have made me happier!

1st March
I arrived at Bandra Amphitheatre around 12pm and got my band and quickly went to the Meet and Greet area.
I met the super sweet Shraddha Sharma. She was so welcoming and her nature is so down to earth. We got a few pictures together and she had to leave then. So my friends and I went out to wait for Superwoman. She was supposed to arrive at 1:45.
So meanwhile, we entertained ourselves by meeting the rest of the YouTubers at the event. There was Scherezade Shroff, Bethany Mota, Maati Baani, Shankar Tucker, All India Bakchod and many others, but you know I was just waiting for Superwoman.
I dint even have her meet and great pass, but I sneaked into the meet and great room! We all got to meet her one by one and she is just so amazing! I ran to her when it was my turn and she hugged me tight<3
I couldn't stop saying "I'm so glad I got to meet you" because I really was that happy!! And she said "I'm glad to meet you too" like 4 times!
We took a selfie together and I think I just fulfilled my purpose in life! Hahah!

Superwoman is so loving and inspiring <3

Superwoman and I
Nirali Kartik from Maati Baani
Bethany Mota 
With Scherezade Shroff

With Shanker Tucker and Vidya

Well anyways, post the meet and greet, there was still a long time left for the show. So me and my friends went to Carter Road for some yummy Shwarma at Carter's Blue

We then returned to Amphitheatre only to find the long line of people to get in! While my friends waited, I went to the counter to collect some glow-bands and funky glasses! I made a halo like thing by joining the three glow-band which you can see around my neck in the picture below

Since we had VIP passes, we went in before the rest. My friend Aastha and I quickly grabbed a seat in the front row, a little towards the right side! We were right in the front of the stage.

Incase you missed it, I'm going to give you guys a detailing of how the show went! I'll be embedding the YouTube videos if you'll want to see the acts!

The show started with the guys from Trouble Seeker Team doing a brilliant dance performance!

Then the guys from All India Bakchod (AIB) came up, who were the comperes for the evening. They're this bunch of brilliant guys who are so spontaneously funny and can make anyone laugh!
They had a cool line of hilarious songs for us!
Here's the video! You'll find me a lot of times in all the videos! :P

You must see it because the songs are so funny!

After this super funny starter, we had an amazing music group "Maati Baani" perform. I don't really listen to a lot of Hindi music, but they sure caught me! Their song 'Balma' is something I'd listen to over and over again!
The lead singer, Nirali Kartik has such an enchanting voice. She hit such difficult notes and made it look so easy!

I didn't know them until I heard them sing, and I am so subscribing to their channel! Loved their entire act! 

Every artist had to do a Collaboration Video with another artist, and Maati Baani did a wonderful song that popped into a Rap by *screams inside* SUPERWOMAN<3

The Viral Fever then came up and performed a comical act based on an interview between Arnab Goswami and Arnab Kejriwal. It was pretty amusing! Though I felt really bad that as soon as they set up and were ready to start with their act, Guess who bombed it? Shah Rukh Khan! He came, and stole all the attention. Though he did come and apologize.

Here you can watch this funny skit they did and how Shah Rukh Khan bombed it. :P

PS. Loving how Superwoman is in their Collab video too! She is Awesome Sauce!

After this, Varun Dhawan and Nargis Fakhri made an appearance to promote their film "Main Tera Hero". Varun did a dance lesson and called up people from the audience. I don't mean to be rude, I am a total fan-girl too. But there were these two annoying girls who dressed up as batman and superman (with capes) - they jumped on the stage every single time and squealed and cried and jumped. 

Though away from the negatives, My friend too went up on stage to dance with them. And I have to say, Varun is a brilliant dancer, but Nargis seems like such a sweetheart :D 

Later we saw the beautiful Scherezade Shroff (Sherry) do her 3 minute make-up challenge! 3 Guys from AIB and Sherry picked up 4 people from the audience to do their make-up in 3 minutes! By the end of this challenge, I was dead laughing because the 2 guys who had their make-up done looked like Bobby Darling! Haha! 

Sherry did a Collab with Bethany Mota! It was so much of fun to see!

BTW, You cannot deny that she has the CUTEST boyfriend ever! Haha!

The part I was waiting for THE MOST à SUPERWOMAN! <3

We heard the loudest cheer for her and personally, I myself was screaming when she came up! 

I’ve been following her channel since the very beginning and meeting her was just the cherry on the cake! 
When she came up, the entire crowd went wild! I went wild! Hahaha! 
Though what really irked me was when she called up people to dance with her, the two girls with the capes ran up AGAIN and started jumping-.- 
I mean I was standing in the front, jumping and cheering and all too, we all were! but we wouldn’t really jump on the stage at every given chance! 
Wait for them to pick you! Patience hun! 

Even though the bunch of girls bombarded her act and made it a meeting that was pending for 40 years, Superwoman handled the crowd so well! She calmed everyone down and we all danced with her! 
The best part was her doing an Insta-Video! She turned her phone’s front camera facing the stage and introduced herself, and she turned around and showed the crowd screaming! It was so much of fun! And I am there in her video jumping like a monkey!! Hahaha! 

I am more than in love with Lilly! She is the most down-to-earth person you could ever meet <3 I’m so glad I got to meet her! 

And you won’t believe who she did a Collab Video with! 

After this, We had Shraddha Sharma release her new album Raastey and perform a few songs live. Her song “Jump” was real catchy!  She’s got a beautiful voice<3

The tweens at FanFest were really excited for Bethany Mota! The goddess of hauls! Though again, Bethany’s show was bombarded with a bunch of girls jumping on stage to hug her. That was sort of rude. 
We understand you love her, but when somebody is trying to speak, you’ve got to learn how to respect that! 
She did a little Q&A with the crowd and showed her Collab video with Sherry!

After Beth, a lot of people left because half the crowd was just the tweens who came to see Bethany! 
Though I stayed throughout because I really wanted to see Shankar Tucker! 

I’ve heard about V-Sauce but never really seen his videos! I think he is the God of all scientific things. I couldn’t understand half the things he was saying but it was all so interesting! Did you know India moves 5cm towards the left every year? This somehow makes Mount Everest grow a little each year! 

He did this cool “Global Wave” that included the audience present and the people watching the Live Stream.

Shankar Tucker then performed for us. He was the CUTEST guy present at FanFest! Hahaha! He is so adorable! And I love how he has an Indian name :P 

He was amazing! They did a real cool south indian song. Vidya (the vocalist) looked so pretty! You can see her eye-make up in the video! It looks beautiful!

Shankar's Collab video was so fun to watch because he included the crowd of Mumbai!

The night went on with the last performance by Aakash and Jonita Gandhi. They were mesmerizing!

While AIB was ending the show, Shah Rukh Khan made another appearance, and while he was interacting with the audience, Superwoman came behind him and we all went insane again! Immediately after her, all the artists came up on the stage and that’s how the show ended!

Overall, I can tell you this is one of the best events one could attend. It was so much of fun! Hats off to the organizers!
I really would have died inside if I wouldn't have gone for it. Loved every second of it! Especially Superwoman!

Hope you like the post. Do comment below and tell me if you were there at the show or which one was your favourite act :D
I know its a little too long :P Sorry but the event was for around 4 hours!
Anyways, Coming up with a more and more posts soon ! <3

Love and Luck,
Chandni <3


  1. wow looks like a really fun event <3 glad you had a blast!

    1. Hey Angel!
      It surely was <3
      Thanks alot hun :*

  2. Lovely post and pics :)..Wish I was in Mumbai to attend it

    1. Thank you so much hun!
      Aww wish you were there xx

  3. I absolutely loved VSauce and Superwoman's bits at Fan Fest, it was such a blast being there.
    And yes, the audience should have been more courteous especially those 2 costume clad girls who kept jumping on stage !

    1. Aww Dayle I wish I couldve met you there!! :)
      Yes true that hun! <3