Friday, 30 May 2014

My Top 5 Lipsticks!

Hiii Guys!
How are you'll?

I'm in Bangalore!!

Incase you'll follow me on Instagram (@instafashhunny) and you'll follow my #100happydays, I'm sure you'll must've seen my #BangaloreDiaries which actually is just a million selfies with my baby niece! 

I'm staying with my brother, who goes to work morning to night, so his ultra-cool wife and I go to malls every day. Their daughter, my seven-year-old niece, is so involved with her friends that she simply doesn't have much time for her seventeen-year-old aunt, i.e, me. 
So malls everyday? Oh I'm saturated! There's nothing else to do in this city!! If you guys have any suggestions- Please comment below, I leave back for Mumbai on 10th June!

Now coming down to the fun part! My top 5 Lipsticks*! I had a great time putting this post together, so I hope you'll enjoy reading it! 

*PS. Almost all of them (except #4) are from the US, so I'm doubtful they are available in India (I worry where I'll get them once they're over)

PPS. Scroll down for Swatches! 

1. Kiehl's Denise Red 112

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Berry Rich 510 

3. Rochas Satin Finish #15

4. Elle 18 Candy Kiss 40

5. Revlon MoistureStay Violet 13

And now, Here are the Swatches on my little niece's arm!

Hope you guys liked my top 5! Do let me know your fav 5 Lipsticks! I'd love to know! :D 

Until Next Time,
Love love love always,
Chandni Dialani

PS. I'm really serious about the first part - There is nothing but malls in Bangalore!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Press Note : United Kingdom’s Largest Trade Exposition, Professional Beauty Returns to Mumbai

Press Note : United Kingdom’s Largest Trade Exposition, Professional Beauty Returns to Mumbai

The UK’s largest beauty, spa and wellness event, Professional Beauty returns to Mumbai by popular demand. The expo brings together the latest offering of products and services from across the worlds of beauty, cosmetics, hair, make-up, spa and wellbeing – all under the one roof.
With almost 30 years of experience in this space, located in ten cities across the world, Professional Beauty has been exhibiting in India since 2012. Having received a phenomenal response year on year, the event helps educate the Indian market about global trends, expose buyers to new innovations and brands and offers real solutions for business growth.
This year the forum will be taking place on 2nd and 3rd June at the Bombay Exhibition Centre. Participating brands and artists include reputed names such as Official Make-Up Partner Kryolan, Max Factor, Ceriotti, Ikonic, Cuccio, Marvie Ann Beck, GK Hair, Fat Mu, Nicka K and REM UK.
From the latest in make-up to organic beauty, this year’s exhibition floor is jam-packed with features. Showcasing on the Expo demo stage will be leading treatments, live in-action from some of the industry’s leading artists.
One such name is Max Factor’s Samira Olfat, makeup artist to various Hollywood Celebrities like Eva Longoria, Nicole Scherzinger and Allison Harward, and Gossip Girl’s Tinsley Mortimer who will be conducting an exclusive seminar and demo on Make-Up trends.
“Whether it’s the latest trends, brands or talent, we at Professional Beauty are constantly evolving. With more than 250 brands expected, visitors can anticipate seeing leading industry names that will help unearth the latest innovations, trends and techniques, coupled with non-stop inspiration with live demonstrations to make the two-day Expo a show-stopping experience,” says Vikas Vij, Managing Director Ideas Exchange and the mind behind bringing the expo to India.
So go ahead, clear your diaries and get set for this year’s beauty extravaganza!
Note: Professional Beauty is a B2B trade show and is reserved for trade & beauty professionals over the age of 16 years only.
For further queries:
Khyati Mishra

Friday, 16 May 2014

Notd : Colorbar Pink Lady 094

Hey loves!
I've been obsessed with Neon Pink lately. I love how bright neon colors are!
I bought this Nail Paint - Colorbar "Pink Lady 094" which is a lovely Neon Pink.
I had my eye on it for a while but finally got over the laziness and went to buy it.
Though I do have a terrible complaint to make.
To buy this nailpaint, I went to this store called beautiful in my area. I knew what I exactly wanted. I didn't need a tester or anything. I went straight up to the colorbar counter, picked up the nail paint and told the sales assistant to give me a fresh piece I can buy.
I was in a rush so I quickly paid for the thing and left.
When I opened it, I found it was a tester piece and only half the bottle was left.
I didn't have the time to go exchange, so I left it. But the sales assistant should have atleast given a new piece! I have to say its really sucky that this happened.
Details on the nail paint:
Name : Colorbar "Pink Lady 094"
Price : Rs. 160
Content : 9ml

Also, I recently went for Oriflame's Obloggers meet where they launched their new hair color range- HairX TruColour which is a fabulous range.
I wore this Neon Pink nailpaint with my outfit for the day.

Dress- Thrifted. 
Bellies - Tresmode.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Review : Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Range

Hey Loves! 
Life has been boring and happening at the same time these days! 
How are things with you’ll?

Well, Today I will be reviewing 4 Oriflame products, i.e as follows

Please click on the above links for the detailed reviews of each product.
It is a great face care range and a must try.

Putting it all in one made the post a little too long, so I have put them in 3 different parts but I hope the review helps! Overall, I've got to say that the products have brought a positive change to my skin and complexion! 

I will definitely want to continue with this skin care routine and specially suggest this to people like me who travel every day in the terrible trains. The everyday sun, dust and dirt makes our skin darker and tans also. But coming home and using this range not only clears my skin of the dirt, but it makes me feel more relaxed. It makes your skin feel a lot more lighter.
Do comment and let me know whether you've used any of these products and what you'll like/dislike about them, and if the review helps you :)

*PR Samples. But honest review. Please read my Review Policy and Disclaimer for more details.

Review : Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Day/Night Cream

Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Day Cream 
ANDOriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream

Price :
Day Cream : Rs. 649/-
Night Cream : Rs.699/-

Content and Ingredients :

Packaging :
Both the creams come in a weighty glass container. The day cream has a light blue lid, and the night cream has a dark blue lid. Both are screw caps. Though the size is pretty small, I wouldn't call this travel friendly because the glass container makes it pretty heavy. The container comes in a paper box that is white and the color of the lid. Inside, it has a silver foil covering the cream for extra protection. 
However, one thing I would wish for is if it wasn't packaged this way. I have to use my fingers to take the cream, and considering the fact that I have slightly long nails, the cream stays in my nails more than coming onto my finger. 
Both the creams come with an information note in the paper box.

Smell and Texture : 
People would think that both the creams is the same, but they are not
In detail, The day cream smells a little off. It is a sharp smell, which is not too pleasant (in my opinion). But , I love the smell of the night cream, which is milder. 
The texture however, is pleasing for both the creams. They are milky white, and creamy (slightly watery). Maybe because it is a little watery, is why they both spread really well, so you require very less of it, per use. They aren't too oily like the other creams as well.

How I use it : 
To get better results, I made it a point to not only use the night cream, but the day cream as well. So after using the foaming gel and toner every morning and night, I applied the day cream and night cream, respectively.

My take on it :
Both the creams have surely brought a positive change in my complexion. They've made my skin feel smoother and softer. It does not feel heavy as well.
However, I'm not too sure if I'm the only one, but it made my skin cause sweating. 

It leaves a shiny effect on the skin.

You can find my review of the Foaming Gel and Toner from the same range by clicking on the linked words.

*PR Samples. But honest review. Please read my Review Policy and Disclaimer for more details.

Review : Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Balancing Toner

Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Balancing Toner

Price : 

Contents and Ingredients : 

Packaging :
It comes in a frosted plastic bottle with blue text on it. It has a screw cap which prevents leakage. Upon opening the cap, there is a tiny hole through which you can remove the toner. I wouldn't call it travel friendly, since it is a little big, but the screw cap locks securely, so you can carry it without worry

Smell and Texture : 
The smell is EXACTLY like the foaming gel, which is a mild and pleasant one. Like stated earlier, it is a flower-like smell. Though the toner has a rather softer smell in comparison with the foaming gel. The liquid is a transparent, water-like one.

How I use it :
After using the foaming gel, I take a cotton call and pour a few (2-4) drops of the balancing toner on it. I move the cotton on my face with a little emphasis on the nose, hairline and chin. 

My take on it :
Using this product definitely has made my skin clearer. The reason I posted this review so late is because I wanted to try this one specific thing for a while and then form an opinion.
It was that using this product has fairly reduced the acne I had. At first when I used it, I went bonkers because the acne grew on my forehead so bad that I had to find ways to cover it But then in a day or two it just vanished and my face much became clearer!
The toner clears the oiliness as well, and removes traces of remaining eye make as well. It makes my skin feel more firm, and leaves it a little dry, but the use of moisturizer or a cream is a must.

Summarized Pros and Cons :

Pros : 
1.     Reduces pores and acne
2.     Great smell
3.     Good quantity- will last for a good 2/2.5 months
4.     Helps remove traces of remaining make up
5.     Helps clear the oily skin
6.     Gentle on skin
7.     The frosted plastic allows you to see how much content is still left.
Cons : 
1.     A little drying
2.     Not too travel friendly 
3.     Slightly expensive, but the quantity makes it worth it

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

You can find my review of the Foaming Gel and Day and Night Creams from the same range by clicking on the linked words.

*PR Samples. But honest review. Please read my Review Policy and Disclaimer for more details.

Review : Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Foaming Gel.

Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Foaming Gel.

Rs. 499/-

Content and Ingredients : 

Packaging :
It comes in a medium heighted white bottle with blue text on it. It has a press to release nozzle. The great part about this is that it has a twist to stop and start nozzle. Basically you have to turn the nozzle in the given direction to block it from being pressed. So when you are travelling, you do not have to worry if it will leak because it may accidently be pressed in your bag.

Smell and Texture :
It is a clear liquid gel. But coming to what I don’t like , (and not saying it is a negative thing, just personal opinion) but I wish it wasn’t as runny as it is. A gel is supposed to be a tiny bit thicker than this, and should not run so much. It is almost like water. Though coming to what I like about it, is that unlike a few other face washes that I have used, it lathers really well, maybe sometimes a little too well, but I guess that is a good thing. 
It spreads nicely and feels very light on the face. 
The smell is a mild and pleasant smell that may feel a little floral (jasmine in specific).

How I use it :
I take a bit of the liquid on my palms and apply the gel on my face. Then I lather it and rinse with water. Basically like a facewash.

My take on it:
The heavy dust and dirt of everyday travel makes my skin feel so dull and uncomfortable. So when I first started using this product, I felt my skin became more radiant after the wash. I have an oily T-zone and after using this foaming gel, my skin feels lighter. It also becomes softer and smoother.

Summarized Pros and Cons : 

Pros : 
1.     Cleans well
2.     Lathers well
3.     Removes make up
4.     Does not dry out the skin
5.     Press to release nozzle
6.     Twist nozzle to start and stop hence travel friendly
7.     Great quantity
8.     Skin feels lighter after use
9.     Helps skin become smoother and softer
Cons : 
1.     Too runny
2.     You can't know how much product you've used up
3.     A tiny bit pricey, but worth it.
Overall Rating : 4.6/5

You can find my review of the Toner and Day and Night Creams from the same range by clicking on the linked words.

*PR Samples. But honest review. Please read my Review Policy and Disclaimer for more details.