Friday, 30 May 2014

My Top 5 Lipsticks!

Hiii Guys!
How are you'll?

I'm in Bangalore!!

Incase you'll follow me on Instagram (@instafashhunny) and you'll follow my #100happydays, I'm sure you'll must've seen my #BangaloreDiaries which actually is just a million selfies with my baby niece! 

I'm staying with my brother, who goes to work morning to night, so his ultra-cool wife and I go to malls every day. Their daughter, my seven-year-old niece, is so involved with her friends that she simply doesn't have much time for her seventeen-year-old aunt, i.e, me. 
So malls everyday? Oh I'm saturated! There's nothing else to do in this city!! If you guys have any suggestions- Please comment below, I leave back for Mumbai on 10th June!

Now coming down to the fun part! My top 5 Lipsticks*! I had a great time putting this post together, so I hope you'll enjoy reading it! 

*PS. Almost all of them (except #4) are from the US, so I'm doubtful they are available in India (I worry where I'll get them once they're over)

PPS. Scroll down for Swatches! 

1. Kiehl's Denise Red 112

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Berry Rich 510 

3. Rochas Satin Finish #15

4. Elle 18 Candy Kiss 40

5. Revlon MoistureStay Violet 13

And now, Here are the Swatches on my little niece's arm!

Hope you guys liked my top 5! Do let me know your fav 5 Lipsticks! I'd love to know! :D 

Until Next Time,
Love love love always,
Chandni Dialani

PS. I'm really serious about the first part - There is nothing but malls in Bangalore!


  1. mac candy yumyum is my go to lipstick of all times
    revlon kiss me
    tips and toes adoring rose
    inglot #103
    babylips berry crush

  2. Nice selection!! I have to buy the Revlon one. Would you like to follow each other?

  3. Lovely post Chandni. I never knew Kiehl's has makeup. The red lipstick looks so cherryliscious :-)

  4. I love the red lipstick! So beautiful! <3