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Review : Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Balancing Toner

Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Balancing Toner

Price : 

Contents and Ingredients : 

Packaging :
It comes in a frosted plastic bottle with blue text on it. It has a screw cap which prevents leakage. Upon opening the cap, there is a tiny hole through which you can remove the toner. I wouldn't call it travel friendly, since it is a little big, but the screw cap locks securely, so you can carry it without worry

Smell and Texture : 
The smell is EXACTLY like the foaming gel, which is a mild and pleasant one. Like stated earlier, it is a flower-like smell. Though the toner has a rather softer smell in comparison with the foaming gel. The liquid is a transparent, water-like one.

How I use it :
After using the foaming gel, I take a cotton call and pour a few (2-4) drops of the balancing toner on it. I move the cotton on my face with a little emphasis on the nose, hairline and chin. 

My take on it :
Using this product definitely has made my skin clearer. The reason I posted this review so late is because I wanted to try this one specific thing for a while and then form an opinion.
It was that using this product has fairly reduced the acne I had. At first when I used it, I went bonkers because the acne grew on my forehead so bad that I had to find ways to cover it But then in a day or two it just vanished and my face much became clearer!
The toner clears the oiliness as well, and removes traces of remaining eye make as well. It makes my skin feel more firm, and leaves it a little dry, but the use of moisturizer or a cream is a must.

Summarized Pros and Cons :

Pros : 
1.     Reduces pores and acne
2.     Great smell
3.     Good quantity- will last for a good 2/2.5 months
4.     Helps remove traces of remaining make up
5.     Helps clear the oily skin
6.     Gentle on skin
7.     The frosted plastic allows you to see how much content is still left.
Cons : 
1.     A little drying
2.     Not too travel friendly 
3.     Slightly expensive, but the quantity makes it worth it

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

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