Friday, 25 July 2014

La mode 2014

Hi guys!

I'm so excited to be telling you'll about this project We did recently.

We had been working on this since April in fact. It was supposed to take place in May. But in between so many things went wrong, that it took place in July. But the best part is that it happened! And it happened in the best way possible!

So here's presenting La Mode 2014

FashHunny associated with the Rotaract Club of HR College and got some amazing prize partners for the project.
It was basically about expressing fashion through different rounds and giving an innovative side to it by tapping upon various aspects of fashion through our project,
Our aim was to change the way people think about fashion and broaden people's outlook on it.

So let me begin by asking you, What does fashion mean to you?
Is it just dressing up and putting on make up? Or is it even more? 
Take your time and think, because I took a good few days and concluded with this:

Fashion is our way of expressing ourselves, it isn't just looking good in something we wear, it is showing how bold, happy and confident we feel when we wear it. Aspects of fashion like make up, it isn't just applying layers of make up on our faces to look good. It's the art of make up. It's the sense of beauty it brings. It is expressing ourselves with color and flawlessness. Accessories aren't just items we wear, they are items that compliment our outfits and compliment our body. 
Fashion all together isn't just following the rules because they've been made, but breaking these rules and creating your own, because that's what makes you, you. 

Fashion is originality. And to keep this originality going in the young generation, we did La Mode 2014 where different aspects of fashion were brought in the limelight and their importance was highlighted.

What's more? 
Our amazing prize partners made this project everything worth it!

So presenting, prize partners for La Mode 2014!
Yudi Shot It
India Circus

The participants sure had a great incentive thanks to our amazing prize partners!

The project took place on 23rd July at HR College itself. We had 3 rounds, where we tested their fashion knowledge and explored various aspects of fashion. They designed their own magazine cover, they dyed their own shirts with acrylic paints, did their own nail art, learned to drape a saree, they even went back to basics and learned how to stitch! We tested their fashion knowledge by putting them through a fun quiz where they had to solve rebusses, guess the logos and solve who am I's as well! In another round, they had to write fashion items from A-Z and boy that was a task! To add a little fun to this project, we played Twister with clothes!

In my upcoming posts, I will tell you'll about every round in detail and about our winners as well! So stay tuned!

Again, a big thank you to our prize partners, Oriflame, Yudi Shot it, India Circus, Ayesha and Maybelline for the fabulous prizes! We are thankful for this association and hope to associate with you'll in the future as well.

Here's a little insight to our project from the people involved :

"When you have a base like fashion, you know you've got a massive audience to reach out to. The challenge lies in bringing the people who are not inclined towards it to use their heads & identify the diverse nature that is hidden within them. 
'La Mode' was one sensation, the tiedie, the rebusses & the partners! To have a balance number of guys participating at it too was a treat for me! 
All boxes were a check for me, Take back - 100%, Entertainment - 100% & Quality - Top notch! 
If I were any of the two of you, this would be a check on my bucket list, so Congratulations!"
- Nikunj Pherwani, President, The Rotaract Club of HR College.

"La Mode.. A project showing creativity and glamour at it's best.. It was a delight seeing both guys and girls have a blast at this fashionista project"
- Ananya Wagh, Organizer.

"First time I heard about the concept of La mode I was really not keen at being a part of it but when I took part, the things that seemed really girly turned out to be really fun. I learnt a lot and the major aspect I'll take back is that you need to use your brains for fashion and it isn't just something girls should know. I can proudly say I won La Mode."
- Mustansir Merchant, Winner.

"Who knew Fashion and me would ever walk along the same path? But at La Mode, the fashion in me was discovered and it was one crazy side. La mode was brilliant and breath taking from all the small tasks to doing and making something. I was in awe of the project and winning it was a cherry on the cake. All in all, it was a day well spent!" 
- Pooja Shah, Winner.

"On hearing that brands like Maybelline, Oriflame, Ayesha and India Circus were partners for La Mode, it was obvious that this project was going to be absolutely amazing.. And it indeed was! The winners gifts were absolutely stunning!"
- Aashna Patel, Participant.

"Fashion is something that keeps trending! and at RCHR, La Mode was the perfect project to bring out the passion of something that is not part of our daily life. It was awesome."
- Mrugen Modi, Organizer.

"It was an absolute pleasure organising La Mode with Chandni. Our main objective was to tap on a huge audience and convince them that fashion is much more than just dressing up and walking the runway.We successfully did so and the best part is that we helped people that never took the pains to dress up,evolve the fashionista in them." 
- Krystelle Menezes, Project Organizer

It was a pleasure organising this project and you guys must stay tuned to know more about it.

Until then, so much love to each and every one of you'll,
Chandni Dialani (FashHunny)