Thursday, 10 July 2014

Outfit Post : Lethal Black.

Hey loves!

I'm excited to tell you'll that I'm going to start doing outfit posts on my blog thanks to my dear friend Shalini, who herself is an amazing blogger.

I love the entire concept of outfit posts and I enjoyed putting this outfit together with Shalini for you lovely ladies.

Photography and Make up credits : Shalini Mohanty

Dress: H&M Spain, Shoes: DressBarn USA, Bracelet: Chain from a bag, Handbag: Charles & Keith (credits: Shalini)

Base make up : MAC Liquid concealer, Maybelline BB stick
On my lips : MAC Ruby Woo
On my cheeks : Too Faced Blush
For my eyes : Eyeshadows from Sephora, LancĂ´me and Fetish
Benefits They're Real! Mascara

I'm going to tell you'll a quote from a movie that just came out, based on one of my favourite books of all time. It's a quote I've been relating to very often now. 
"You don't get to choose if get hurt in this world... But you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices."
To explain myself a bit more, I just have to say that I'm around a lot of people who doubt and discourage me every day. I came out of school a year back and joined a college far far away just to find happiness. But it's been a year and college life is still hard for me. People are rude. I've never felt like I belong somewhere. It does hurt a lot, but like the quote says, I do have a say in who hurts me :) and you do too!!

I hope you guys like this post. Do comment below and let me know! Also, follow me on blogger, I'd love to connect with you'll!!
Stay tuned for my next post where I'll be posting some exciting news!

Much love to you,
Chandni Dialani (FashHunny)


  1. Hi Chandni
    nice to come across your blog :)
    started following you, hope you could do the same.

  2. You are rocking the outfit with that red lip! :D

    Wanna follow each other on GFC? Leave me a comment to let me know ! x

  3. Love your shoes & would you like to follow each other via
    GFC, Bloglovin & Google+? Lemme know!
    & keep in touch!


  4. RUBY WOO FTW! It looks gorgeous on you. Loving the dress you're wearing too!
    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog, xx

  5. Absolutely hot and Stunning !!

    You should be doing more of OOTD's now onwards
    Fashion Quotient| Indian Fashion & style Blog!!

  6. Such a sexy dress and it looks great on you :)