Tuesday, 18 August 2015

#LadiesSpecial at #BaayaDesign

Okay, so I typed this post twice and lost the draft.  Lets do this now! 

HIII EVERYONE! How have y'all been? I have to tell you guys so much and I hope you guys have subscribed to my YouTube Channel!! 

Recently, I visted the Baaya showroom for a Ladies Special day they had.  Let me begin by telling you how awestruck I was there. 

Baaya, a word that means “weaver bird”, is a store located in Lower Parel. They had a Ladies Special day and they invited a bunch of bloggers to see what they had and how they were different from other d├ęcor stores. 

The founder/CEO, Shibani Jain, took us through the entire store giving us a brief idea about their amazing collection and how its made. And every item they had, had a touch of tradition somewhere. 

They had everything from umbrellas to printed stoles, from tables to wall art. In about an hour, I learned that all their stuff was actually designed and made by the tribals of the country. They have a team that recruits artists. They go to remote places to get artists to paint and design these things, giving them employment. I love how economic and cultural the idea of Baaya is! 

Shibani explained to us, how each of these items were made and the art form used and where the artists are from. Every inch of this studio was artistically designed. And artistically challenged people like me, will be left in awe.

So, rightfully said, Baaya is where design meets tradition. I even learned that each artist has a different style of painting and that’s their signature print. 

I had two favorite items there, One being a red and black blag, and the other, being the new rakhis they've come up with for the festive season. 

I’m posting the pictures I have, because I was a complete shutterbug there, amazed by everything they had to see. Sending you guys on a picture journey through the store ^^